Veterinary Technicians

Karen , VT Rescue Manager


Karen joined our EMAH team in 2014 when we converted to a 24/7 facility. Karen has several years experience and brings lots of knowledge to our hospital. She also went back to school and completed Medical Laboratory Technician, allowing her to take samples from her human patients as well! After while, Karen felt the clinical pull and has returned to animal medicine. Enjoys working with and helping rescue groups. When not working at the clinic or with her human patients Karen is enjoying life on the shores of Lake Erie where she takes care of her feline house hold!

Kayla, RVT/General Manager

Kayla, RVT & Manager
Kayla has been with us at East mountain animal  hospital for quite a few years.

Kayla has been with us at EMAH for quite a few years. She completed a high school co-op with us, which led to her decision to pursue a career in the veterinary field. Kayla came back to East mountain animal hospital for another co-op, however this time within her first semester of the veterinary technician program at Sheridan college. By the end of her first year we decided to hire Kayla as a veterinary assistant in 2015. Since then Kayla has completed her veterinary technician program and registration process to become an RVT. Her future interests are to possibly complete a course in companion animal rehabilitation. She shares her life with her new rescue dog Beau.

Sandra, RVT (overnights)


Sandra joined our EMAH team in 2014 when we converted to a 24/7 facility. Sandra has a lengthy career in several animal hospitals. She has many degrees outside the animal health world and has a special interest in sailing. She looks after our night schedule and duties solving lot of issues.

Sandra maintains a house with Yorkie Minnie and Morkie Muffin and is a personal slave to her cat Jochie!

Theresa, RVT/ /Regulations & Accounting Manager


TJ did her RVT few years ago and uses her perfect skills while working during busy hours of day.

She always takes extra responsibilities related to client issues and inventory.

T.J. enjoys spending time with her pets, family and friends when every she gets a chance. She enjoys reading books, learning new things, being active, going for hikes, sleeping, relaxing, going for runs and ice skating during the winter.

William, RVT (evenings)


William completed his tech program and registration in 2018 while working part time at our facility.

Now he is able to help the evening team to manage and perform with their best skills.

He is proud to work with Canadian army/navy when ever he is called locally in Hamilton.