Dr. Dave Godara


 Dr. Dave was born in a family with lots of pets including German Shepherds. He has been treating pets in different locations for the last 20 years. He is the clinician/owner of the practice.  In March, 2014 EMAH was converted to a 24/7 facility to be able to serve pets better. Dr. Dave and various family members are at the clinic different days working on different ideas to make the clinic better each day. He is found doing surgeries late evenings 

Dr. Savji Karmur


 Dr. Savji, known as the docile and soft vet, is with us for many years since he started as volunteer, then trainee and finally full time. He is our main vet handling all day time services including phone calls, med refill and diagnostic analysis and reports. His son too is going to be a doctor soon. 

Dr. Ashraf Bekhit


 Bekhit has lot of emergency veterinary medicine experience while working in GTA, so he tries to use that here at EMAH. He works mostly long hours up to late evenings. 

Dr. Albert Guirguis


Dr. Albert has worked with us since 2018 but he is very busy in his pursuit to becoming Board Certified in the field of Veterinary Dentistry. We are waiting for Albert to give available days.

Dr. Hala Gerges


Hala works part time at EMAH. Hala is very busy at home with family.

Dr. Deepa D


Dr. Deepa completed her licensing in 2018. She commutes from Guelph to work with us. 

Dr. Elena


Dr. Elena has completed most of her licensing requirements but is waiting on one more section. She helps our team in the back performing general duties. We hope she completes her full licencing soon and can join our team full time.